The Warrior Ride?
If you want to give in honor of a veteran, or for a specific event, click on the donate button and on the next page you can donate money and for what or whomever you wish.  Thank you for your donations!

Average Costs to take 30 veterans on a 3 day event is $100.00 per day per veteran:

Lodging Discounted to $75.00 per night X3= $6,750.00

Food: $35.00 per day for three meals X30 veterans= 1050.00

T shirt & Jersey, Helmet $125.00 X30= 3750.
Bicycle maintenance, energy food and drink, fuel, repairs, misc. $1,500.00

TOTAL price of $13-15,000.00

How many days can you help a veteran to rehabilitate?

$100 X nights _________ = _________________

Contribute to The Warrior Ride® $_____________

Contact us for Corporate Level Sponsorship at or 910-547-3383


If you would rather make your donation by check or money order then
please send it to the following address.

The Warrior Ride®
8001 East Oak Island Drive
Oak Island, NC 28465

The Warrior Ride® is not affiliated in any way with any other organization. The Warrior Ride® is a non-profit 501(c)3 civilian organization, is not a government agency and all events are paid for through donations and grants. Without the generosity of the donors, The Warrior Ride events would not be possible.
There is no cost to the injured service member to participate in "The Warrior Ride” events.
Federal Tax ID #30-064-5259
CFC# 15910