The Warrior Ride?
If you are signing up for the first time with The Warrior Ride® and you ARE a VA rated veteran 30% or higher. Please fill out the form below and get a confirmation from the staff. This form does not sign you up on any event, it only gets you in our system so we can let you know when our events and programs come available. THANK YOU for your service!

Sign up for Upcoming events, general registration, and volunteering HERE 

This form is to register with THE WARRIOR RIDE website only. If you are looking to register for a ride, please click on the UPCOMING EVENTS tab. You MUST be able to show proof of 30 disabled and honorable discharge AND
you must show proof of VA Award Letter and DD214. You can email or show in person at event or the Oak Island office. If emailing, cross out your SSN.
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Do you _____ a bike/trike/device
Service Animals must be OFFICIALLY certified with paperwork. The veteran/caregiver is responsible for care and upkeep of the service animals
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The Warrior Ride® is not affiliated in any way with any other organization. The Warrior Ride® is a non-profit 501(c)3 civilian organization, is not a government agency and all events are paid for through donations and grants. Without the generosity of the donors, The Warrior Ride events would not be possible.
There is no cost to the injured service member to participate in "The Warrior Ride” events.
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